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The Rocketry Show special podcast.  A sad week in rocketry…

Listeners have asked about our take on the recent tragic events that transpired in Highland, CA where Mike Bentley was fatally injured in what was called a “freak accident” involving a model rocket.  We delve into the topic as best we can right now.  More importantly, we encourage all rocketeers to donate to the Go Fund Me page for Mike’s family.  Please contribute today!



Some great advice, and guidance from NAR President, Ted Cochran:

We are all so sorry for the loss of a great scout leader in your council, and are distressed by this accident more than words can convey. I was an Eagle Scout, and I appreciate the contributions that volunteers like Mike make, and the difference he made in the lives of young men.

In due course, the NAR will be trying to understand as much as possible about the circumstances of this event in order to ensure that we learn everything we can from it so that we can if possible prevent it from ever happening again. If you or anyone you know has information you wish to share with me, please contact me at president@nar.org. I am not going to be intrusive during this difficult time, but am happy to talk with anyone who has questions or wants to share information.

Folks on this forum: It is in our nature to be curious, to want to understand, to develop theories, to find things that we’d have done differently and thus feel less powerless in contemplating what has happened. However, please, I ask you: Not now. Not here. This is the first time we’ve been through this, and we all feel horrible. Please do not detract from Mike’s memory or add to the sorrow of his friends and family, even inadvertently, by sharing your thoughts, critiques, or assumptions. Please.

I will share what I learn at an appropriate time. We will learn what we can and move forward. Meanwhile, remember Mike and his family, hug your kids, and be safe.

Thank you.


Well said!


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