110: Workshop Talk with Xyla Foxlin

Xyla Foxlin building "Fifi"

We start up this workshop talk episode with another member of the next generation of rocketeers, Xyla Foxlin.

Xyla has a degree in Engineering, is an aircraft pilot, and loves partaking in any craft that involves building things.

Gheem ran across her while looking at Joe Barnard’s latest adventures at F.A.R (Friends of Amateur Rocketry) in the deserts out west which sparked a new hashtag on the Twitterverse, #HotNozzleSummer.

Xyla was one of the names popping up, and she decided to get her level 2 certification at FAR with a very interesting rocket called “Fifi”.

We talk about this build, and her broad background in robotics, rocketry, boats, and craftwork that led to this project.

Her video for her “Fifi” build can be seen here:

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