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Unboxing Signal Alpha

November 22, 2017 The Rocket N00b 0

I got a surprise gift in the mail from my friend Joe Barnard this week – a Signal Alpha thrust vectoring kit!This was such a nice surprise, and I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it yet. I have no experience with this sort of technology, apart from…

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Warp Factor – Fixing Warped Balsa Fins

November 15, 2017 The Rocket N00b 0

Sometimes, you’ll open a new rocket kit, examine the parts, and realize that the balsa fin stock is warped. This may be really bad – the whole thing is visibly curved – or it may be subtle. Perhaps you’ll only notice it when you cut the fins out and st…

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Estes Saturn V – Discontinued?

November 13, 2017 The Rocket N00b 0

Act fast, dear reader.If you have had your eye on the re-release of the Estes Saturn V model rocket, don’t delay. Get one while you can! It appears the kit, which has only been out for little more than a year, is being discontinued!I don’t know if this…