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Sheer Joy

June 18, 2018 The Rocket N00b 0

Watch this:Joe Barnard is right to have such a reaction to such a successful flight. Amazing, incredible, awesome work.Follow me on Twitter.Like my Facebook page for blog updates and extra stuff.Have a question you’d like to see addressed on this blog?…

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Magical Weight-Reducing Balsa Filler (???)

June 14, 2018 The Rocket N00b 0

I recently wrote about a test of various balsa grain fillers and sealers and the weight they add.The clear winner of that test was the Brodak butyrate dope sanding sealer, which added 0.3 grams of mass to a piece of 3 inch by 3 inch balsa, sealed on bo…

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Sanding Block Pro Tip

June 1, 2018 The Rocket N00b 0

A while back, I showed a way to remove self-adhesive sandpaper from an aluminum sanding block, like the Great Planes Easy-Touch Hand Sander*, seen above.Self-adhesive sandpaper, such as the stuff I buy from Klingspoor, has such a powerful adhesive on i…