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SBR/Fusion Rocket Closing

January 26, 2019 The Rocket N00b 0

Yesterday on Facebook, Scott Binder of SBR/ posted the following announcement. This is the End…. due to health reasons, Scott Binder Rocketry (SBR) and will close.First, let me thank all of the customers we’ve had…

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Saturn V Standing By

January 9, 2019 The Rocket N00b 0

I buy a lot of my Estes rockets and motors from AC Supply. They discount most Estes stuff at around 40% off, and sometimes more.I’ve been waiting… and waiting… for the latest release of the 50th Anniversary Saturn V 1:100 scale kit to show up on th…

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Stickershock Is Returning!

January 6, 2019 The Rocket N00b 0

Mark of has decided, after many supportive messages, to return to business! This is excellent news.On Stickershock’s Facebook page, he posted:I want to thank each and every one of you for the VERY KIND AND SUPPORTING WORDSI would lov…