Workshop talk / Listener Q&A

Nesaru's apogee ejection baffle

Episode #6.83 show notes:

Gheem talks about a nice gift his TARC team received

Gheem’s TARC team, and their really cool gift!

at a Tripoli Mid-Ohio launch, CG answers a listener question about ejection baffles, and Daniel the rocket n00b talks about his launchtime “oops”, and reminds us all about range safety practices.

This is CG’s video showing a couple of his current ejection baffle schemers.  Nesaru uses both schemes as part as part of CG’s experiments to test the effectiveness of each technique.

More notes on ejection baffles:

Apogee Components ejection charge baffle kits:

Baffle ideas galore!

This apogee video should give you lots of ideas!

CG’s latest baffle designs are based on the “three half moon disk” system similar in concept to the Apogee Components ones, and he also uses his as couplers, but with a twist!


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