“Glassing” Your Airframe Tubes.

Getting ready to remove the Mylar wrap

Been thinking about wrapping your air frames in a smooth fiberglass coating, and not sure where to even begin?  Well, this episode is for you!

We’ll talk about that, plus:

CG talks about his Rocketry radio telemetry project.

(Below) Pictures of CG’s hand-built “Block One” Telemetry system flight computer.   Official “Block Two” (printed circuit board) version coming soon!

CG’s Rocketry Telemetry Receiver. (Yes, a typo on the name of the box in the pic). 😉
The hand built “Block One” flight computer, ready for testing…CG’s telemetry receiver.











CG introduces our Amazon store where you can easily buy Rocketry Show Tee-Shirts!

Links to buy TRS tee-shirts is here:

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B084JHV6Q7  (US)

https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B084JJHPXW  (UK)

We then move to the main topic, and that is all about techniques to fiberglass coat your airframe tubes to add strength, and a wonderful surface to apply your paint & designs.


More pictures for your reference….

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