Avionics bays, and related items

CG's "Core Flight Computer"

As you move into high power rocketry, one of the first things you will deal with will relate to dual deployment & the electronics around it.

We talk about it, and pass along some general advice along with our personal experiences.

Also in this episode:

  • The crew discus the Tripoli clarifications around remote electronic switches.
  • CG discusses the state of his flight computer / telemetry project
  • Gheem finds a very interesting avionics system that has him totally geeked.
  • The team discus their favorite (hard wired) power (arming) switches for their flight electronics.
  • Jesse discusses his AV Bay construction techniques.

Links for this episode:

Jesse talks about this video as a great primer on building avionics bays

Pictures of CG’s flight computer system.

CG’s “Core Flight Computer”










The Core Flight Computer connected to he GPS receiver and data telemetry transmitter.





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