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Update Apollo

July 18, 2019 The Rocket N00b 0

Just a quick note:I haven’t posted here in quite a while (though I do post on Facebook, Instagram, and sometimes Twitter, for quick stuff). There are a few reasons why – life has been busy, the N00b family are moving to a new place soon, etc. I didn’t …

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TARC Finals Live

May 17, 2019 The Rocket N00b 0

Saturday, May 18, the Team America Rocketry Challenge national finals take place in The Plains, Virginia.You can watch the events live on YouTube by CLICKING HERE.Follow me on Twitter.Like my Facebook page for blog updates and extra stuff.Hav…

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DIY Camera Rig

April 4, 2019 The Rocket N00b 0

My positive pressure indoor spray painting booth worked great, but it was so large, that it was impractical. Once I took it down and re-arranged the Rocket Room, I was pretty sure I’d never use it again, at least not in its original design.Besides, I’m…

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Lost Field

March 28, 2019 The Rocket N00b 0

An announcement was made on Facebook last night: The Maine Missile Math & Science Club, a kind of sister club to CMASS, my NAR section, has lost its launch field, seen in the Google image above.This is a beautiful, wide, flat open area, a large sod…

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Estes Black Brant II Coming Back!

March 5, 2019 The Rocket N00b 0

The new Estes catalog came out today, and among other things, they’re bringing back the Black Brant II, a scale model of the Canadian sounding rocket.I love BT-55 sized rockets, and I love the look of the Black Brant II. I’ve wanted one for a while now…

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Coming Soon from Estes

March 4, 2019 The Rocket N00b 0

Estes has a new website design debuting soon – probably in a day or two, if what Ellis Langford and Bill Stine told us at The Rocketry Show stays on schedule. For now, the above picture is all you’ll see when you go to their website.Along with a new we…

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Interview with Estes – Just In Time for NARCON

February 28, 2019 The Rocket N00b 0

The latest episode of The Rocketry Show podcast was released today – just before we all head down to Cape Canaveral for NARCON 2019.This is one we’ve wanted for a long time – Ellis Langford and Bill Stine of Estes Industries! There are some good tidbit…

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Estes Saturn V Build – One Small Step At A Time

February 21, 2019 The Rocket N00b 0

I’ve decided to post a build series as I work on the new, 50th anniversary edition, Estes Saturn V. This rocket has been covered before, most extensively and best by Chris Michielssen on the Model Rocket Building blog. If you’re building this rocket an…