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#90B – Ken Biba and ARLISS

  Pushing the boundaries for student STEM programs, ARLISS is a unique rocketry program where members of the Level 3 High Power Rocket community team up with scientists worldwide along with several student organizations to […]

The Rocketry Show Podcast

#89: Listener feedback, High Power Rocket safety, and Rocksim 10

In this episode: CG and Tripoli Northern Ohio Prefect Chris Pearson discus high power rocketry safety tips to use during prepartion phases before launch. This advice encompasses all of the recent Tripoli recommendations as […]

The Rocketry Show Podcast

Bonus: The Model Rocket Show premier

We unveil our new show, The Model Rocket Show. A show that focuses exclusively on Model Rocketry – Specifically, rockets that fly on G impulse motors and smaller. The show is hosted by Daniel, The […]

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New Podcast – The Model Rocket Show!

I’ll be doing a new podcast, called The Model Rocket Show. It should be debuting the weekend of March 28. It’s from LittleBeth Media, and is a spinoff of The Rocketry Show podcast.The Rocketry Show tends to deal mainly with high power rocketry and real… […]

The Rocketry Show Podcast

#87: Steven Skinner of Mach1Rocketry.Com

In this episode, CG and Daniel, the rocket N00b make a major announcement. Steven Skinner of Mach1Rocketry.Com stops by with some announcements of his own, and talks rocket shop with the team!

The Rocketry Show Podcast

#86: “Glassing” Your Airframe Tubes.

Been thinking about wrapping your air frames in a smooth fiberglass coating, and not sure where to even begin?  Well, this episode is for you! We’ll talk about that, plus: CG talks about his Rocketry […]

The Rocketry Show Podcast

#84 2019 Holiday / end of the year show

It’s our End of the year / holiday wrap up show, and we chose this one to share and respond to some of the e-mails from you, including an interesting theory behind the collapsed “stuffer […]

The Rocketry Show Podcast

Episode 83 quick message

Be sure to follow the links to our YouTube channel in the show notes to see the supplemental video for Episode 83!