To listen via our website:

Go to any link that mentions The Rocketry Show Podcast, and you can use the web player to listen via the web site.

For a more convenient way to listen (when you are on the go), subcribe to our feed on your smart phone, or the podcast feature of your MP3 player management software.

Listen on your favorite podcast player app on your tablet or smart phone.  Chances are, you can search for The Rocketry Show, or TheRocketryShow.Com, and we’ll turn up!

Look here for the link to popular podcast services that carry our show.

To Listen on your Amazon Echo device:

Follow these instructions. (link)

For smart phones…

Apple OS:

For Apple iOS devices, use the iTunes “Podcast” app from Apple.  With that app, you can simply search for “The Rocketry Show”, and when you come across our rocket logo, you’ve found the show:

Our Logo
Our Logo

From there, touch the “subscribe” button, and the shows will automatically download to the phone.   Another iOS app we highly recommend is “Downcast”.  The same set of instructions apply there as well.

The Tune-in and Stitcher apps work in a similar way.

For Android OS:

There are several podcatcher apps we recommend.  Besides Stitcher and Tune-In, there is also “Pocket Casts” and Podkicker.  We recommend Pocket Casts.

Operation of these apps are basically the same as the Apple apps noted above.

On iTunes using your PC:

Go to the iTunes store, search for “The Rocketry Show”, and subscribe!

On You Tube:

Go to our You Tube Channel, and subscribe!


For all other podcast apps, or for your mp3 player management software:

Manually subscribe to our show by entering the URL to your podcast player / downloader:

How-To Manually Subscribe to The Rocketry Show Podcast on an Apple portable device

Method One – On your device
(Tested in iOS 8.1 using the Safari browser and Apple’s Podcasts App)

1.  Open Safari and navigate to
2.  Find the “RSS | podcast” image / link in the upper-right. (Not the “iTunes” image.)
3.  Tap the image to follow the link.
4.  The Podcasts app will launch and ask if you want to subscribe to the podcast.

Method Two – On your computer via iTunes
(Tested on OSX Yosemite and Windows 7 with iTunes 12, Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Safari.)

1.  Open your browser of choice and navigate to
2.  Find the “iTunes” image / link in the upper-right. (Not the  “RSS | podcast” image.)
3.  Click image to follow the link.
4.  Your browser may ask you if you want to launch iTunes… say yes
5.  iTunes will launch and ask if you want to subscribe to the podcast.
6.  Sync your device.

Note for new iTunes 12 users – Apple revamped the interface in iTunes 12, getting rid of the sidebar. In order to find the “Podcasts” section you will need to go to the “View” menu and select “More” and then “Podcasts”. You can also access your podcasts by clicking the “…” icon in the upper left corner under the menu bar – (next to the “Music”, “Movie”, and “TV” icons) and selecting “Podcasts”. If you want the “Podcasts” icon to always be visible,  click the “…” go down to “Edit” and then check the box next to “Podcasts”

I’m adding this section because I tried out method 1 on my 1st gen iPad (that can’t be updated past iOS 5.1.1) and it didn’t exhibit the same auto-subscribe behavior I saw on newer versions of iOS. This method is basically the manual search and subscribe that I used to get the podcast on my phone before CG added the links to the show website.

Method Three – On your device
(Tested in iOS 5.1.1 using Safari and an older version the Podcasts App.)

1.  Open Safari and navigate to
2.  Find the “RSS | podcast” image / link in the upper-right. (Not the “iTunes” image)
3.  Tap and hold the image, then copy the link.
4.  Open the Podcasts app, and tap the “My Podcasts” button
5.  Tap and hold the search field then paste the copied URL into the field.
6.  Tap “Search”
7.  The App will ask if you’d like to subscribe to the podcast.

Thanks to TRS listener, Robert Belknap for writing and researching the Apple instructions! 

Stay tuned!