You can now listen to The Rocketry Show on your Amazon smart speaker!

You can go to the Amazon Skill Store, and subscribe to The Rocketry Show skill!   Here’s how.

1) Log into your Amazon device, and navigate to “Skills & Games”

Step 1, Find “Skills & Games”
Step 2, Search for “The Rocketry Show”

2) After you hit “Search”, you should then be directed to our skill.  Look for “Little Beth Entertainment, Ltd.” as the author, and you’ll know you’ve found it!

3) Click on “Enable to use”, and all Amazon Smart devices on your account will be authorized to play The Rocketry Show!

Simply say: “Alexa, Open The Rocketry Show”, or say to Alexa: “Alexa, Ask The Rocketry Show to play episode 75”.

Step 3, After you find our Smart Speaker skill, Be sure to click “enable to use!”

Give it a try…and have fun!