[The Rocketry Show] #4.65 – NSL 2018 Part One.

We start with some exciting hot off the presses news from the hobby rocketry scene, then we dive into part one of the NSL 2018 coverage.

We talk to Gregory Young and MaryBeth Clune of the MARS rocket club. MARS was the hosting club for NSL in Geneseo, NY, and what it took to pull off such an amazing event is a story in itself!

Vern estes. Photo: C. Gould

We then jump to the Vern and Gleda Estes play where they run through the Origin story of Estes Industries. For the Patrons of the show, you got to hear the raw recordings of this from us some time back. Here is the entire event, including the missing parts from the beginning, courtesy of the MARS Rocket club!

We close the episode with some e-mails from the mailbag, and an answer to

Gregory Young, Gleda, and Vern Estes during their keynote play. Photo by: CG

Gheem’s experiences with the expensive paint, which he talked about in the previous episode.

Gleda Estes, Gheem, CG, and Vern Estes
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