[The Rocketry Show] # 4.66: NSL 2018 Part Two

Welcome to part two of our NSL 2018 episode!

Gheem and his composite B motor from Quest.

Gheem will take you on a journey through NSL 2018 using the magic of “soundscaping”. We worked hard to try to paint the images and experiences of NSL 2018 through the magic of sound. Theatre of the mind, if you will!

Also, Plenty more from Vern and Gleda Estes as well.

Joe Barnard and his Scout rocket along with Thrusty McThrustface.


There are a few historical surprises that Gheem stumbles into during his journey.

We’ve really enjoyed producing this special episode, and we hope you enjoy listening to it.


Kelly served as Production Assistant, and got to have fun launching her Lady Bug rocket she built in on day on site.


Learn more about “Mabel” here!

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