Season 5 premiere! – Workshop discussions / Bama Blastoff initial report / Some information on the show.

Joe Barnard's Halloween Costume...

Welcome to season 5 of the rocketry show!

Joe Barnard’s Halloween Costume…


Joe’s costume is based on the notorious Elon Musk smoking marijuana during a podcast incident…


The crew of the rocketry show gather to talk a little about what is going on, and catch up on their rocketry projects.


A Doughnut shaped Earth?

Daniel visits the Little Dipper Cafe in the Jamaica Plane neighborhood in Boston.

The Little Dipper JP: Great food and model rockets!

CG gives a quick report on his visit to Alabama for Bama Blastoff.

And he also gets his first peak at a Mach1 kit in action.  Casey Anderson of MTMA rocket club flew one of the BT20 fiberglass kits!

Casey Anderson and his Mach1 rocket kit.
Mach1 Unchained Lightning rocket on liftoff…






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