The Rocketry Show e-mail List Serv!

We now have an e-mail list serv for the show!

You can subscribe here:

You can also send messages to the service for all members to see, and reply!   We are experimenting with ways to bring our audience together — especially outside of Facebook, where we currently have a very active group.  The downside is if you are not on Facebook, that leaves you and other non “Facebookers” out of the fun!

Our listeners outside of this service are quite scattered, and we’re hoping to bring the rest together in a way we can all keep in touch easily.

The e-mail list is being set up to send e-mail notifications when our listener forum site receives a new topic post.   Being a member of the list-serv also means that you’ll get e-mails whenever new shows are available!

Have fun, and we look forward to hearing from you!


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