[The Rocketry Show] Episode #35: FAI Competition wrap up with Mike Nowak

The rocketry show team are joined by Dr. Mike Nowak to discus the 2016 Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) Spacemodeling World Championship competitions.   The US competitors did well, and he was a member of the US team.

The US FAI Team. Photo: Mike Nowak

The US FAI Team. Photo: Mike Nowak

Mike Nowak is also President of Mantua Township Missile Agency (MTMA) NAR Chapter #606.  Mike has a long history in the hobby, mostly focusing on competition rocketry, and in particular, the FAI competitions.

He’ll talk about what the FAI is, this years championships, and some fascinating skills needed to be competitive.   There are nuggets of information even Sport Flyers will find fascinating, we guarantee!


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