The Rocketry Show Live!

Tomorrow (December 4, 2016) we will try a test of a live audio stream the show. You can listen as we do the show, and chat with us at the same time! To do this, sign by registering on our forum page:

After logging in, you’ll see a “chat bar” at the bottom of the page. Click on that when we are online, and you can send messages to us during the show. Tomorrow’s broadcast will happen around 8:30 PM (eastern). We’ll have something playing so that you’ll know you‘ve got the right place. You’ll hear us set up for the show, and start recording. We may even have fun with whomever is online with us before we record.

If this test works out, we will post on our Patreon site a heads up on the next live / record session for Patrons of the show to be a part of it.

Here is the listen link (will be active sometime before we record):

Have fun!

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